Do Well-Beyond products contain Oxalates?

Yes, Oxalic acid and oxalates are abundantly present in many foods, including cocoa and chocolate.

Is there fish collagen in Well-Beyond products?

Yes, fish collagen is extremely good for healthy nails, hair, skin, bones, etc. Our source of fish collagen is from a deep sea bass and is 98% protein. Fish collagen is a good source of healthy protein that works well in the product formula.

Are the Probiotics encapsulated?

Yes, the probiotics are encapsulated using a patented technology with vegetable fatty acids, bacterial cultures, maltodextrin and ascorbic acid.

How do I properly store and handle my chocolate?

Your Beyond products should be kept from direct contact with the floor. (Store on pallet /shelving or similar).Chocolate must be kept cool and dry storage temperature between 55-65 degrees F with low humidity. Chocolate cases should be properly protected in corrugate shipping cases properly sealed with tape and when on pallets securely wrapped and use of corner board suggested during LTL shipping Chocolate must not be exposed to direct sunlight and or artificial heat sources (furnace vents) Chocolate must be stored in pest free areas with proper professional pest control program in place which may include rat/mouse traps, pheromone traps for meal moths, bug zappers etc. Chocolate must be shipped in temp and humidity controlled vehicles (55-65 degrees F low humidity). Chocolate is very sensitive to odors and will absorb any odor from sources in surrounding areas (e.g. fish odor, detergent odor, mint, coffee or other strong flavors). Chocolate must be properly rotated and sold per the FIFO rule (first in first out)

Do Well-Beyond products contain monosodium glutamate (MSG)?

No, Well-Beyond products do not contain MSG.

What would it do if I had three Chocolate Shakes a day?

It would be possible to have three shakes plus a meal, but it is not necessary.   Consuming two shakes plus a meal will work just fine, and there would not be any advantage in having three shakes. Furthermore, the fiber may cause GI gas if you are not used to consuming that much fiber. 

Can the Chocolate Shake be mixed with something other than water?

Yes. The Chocolate Shake is designed to be water soluble. However, that does not mean you are limited to mixing the shake only with water. The Chocolate Shake also mixes well with other liquid substances as well, such as milk, almond milk, soy milk, coffee, yogurt, etc.

If I do not like the flavor of the Chocolate Shake, what can I do?

Try mixing the drink and adding a little something extra such as milk, almond milk, soy milk, coffee, yogurt, or sweetener, etc. You are welcome to add other items such as mint leaves, almonds, fruit, peanut butter, vegetable etc.

How many times should I have the Chocolate Shake a day?

The Chocolate Shake is designed to fit the dietary needs of a variety of individuals. From individuals looking for weight loss, those looking for just general health or weight maintenance, as well as those athletes looking to bulk up or maintain optimal athletic performance. For specific details please refer to the “Guide”.

I am getting headaches when I drink the Chocolate Shake twice a day. Can I cut back to once a day?

The Chocolate Shake program is highly customizable to fit individual needs. You are welcome to cut back to one shake and two meals or even increase your calorie intake as needed. However, if your headache persists, contact your physician as Well-Beyond is not permitted or authorized to give medical advice.


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