I have heard some negative things about Sucralose®, why is it used in the Chocolate Shake?

A Small amount of Sucralose is used in the Chocolate Shake as a stabilizer for flavor. For a reliable source of information regarding Sucralose, please review the Sucralose information found on Wikipedia or some other form of information website. The negative reviews are generally coming from questionable sources.

I am following the instructions for the Chocolate Shake, but find myself still hungry, what can I do differently to help get through the day?

Try blending your shake with 1/2-1 cup of chopped ice and then drink your shake slowly. Try making it last about 30 minutes. If you find yourself hungry, munch on a healthy snack, such as almonds, vegetable, or string cheese.

Can I drink the Chocolate Shake before bed, or will it keep me awake all night like coffee does?

The Chocolate Shake does not contain any added caffeine. There have even been reports of improved sleep when consuming the Well-Beyond Products.

Can I use the Chocolate Shake in conjunction with my other weight loss plan?

There would be no issue incorporating the Chocolate Shake into your current diet or plan, or even just to make sure you are getting your daily antioxidants.

Is the Chocolate Shake safe for my teenager to be on?

Yes, unless your teenager has specific dietary needs or allergies, in which case you would need to consult a physician.

I lost my scoop for the Chocolate Shake. How do I know how much is in one serving?

Each scoop of our Beyond Chocolate Shake is equal to approximately 1/4 cup of unpacked loose powder. The total for one serving is 1 scoop or 25g.

What is the type of phenylalanine used in the Xo Love Bites? There is L, D and LD.

It is the "L" that's used in the XoLove Bites.

Why do our products no longer list 70% cocoa on our boxes?

Some individuals may use this percentage as a comparison with other chocolate where a comparison need not be made. Some may assume if another chocolate had 80% cocoa it must be better than ours, which is not true. We are comparing ORAC and Flavonoids, so cocoa content is irrelevant.

How much Sucrose is in the love bites?

There is 29% of sugar per 24g Serving.

Do you know if these blueberries are sprayed with pesticides?

We test for pesticides in the final product and the results are always <0.01 meaning no pesticides are used.


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