Are Well-Beyond products certified organic?

No. Organic ingredients are grown in an environment with controlled variables, where many of our ingredients are taken directly from their natural environment.

What is the Orac value in the Lite, compared to the Xe?

To date, the Xe Lite product has not been submitted for ORAC6 testing. That being said, there is no comparison when it comes to similar products on the market because Xe Lite is a superior tasting, energy-creating beverage that uses fruit juices, botanicals, and a low glycemic sugar called Palatinose which provides longer lasting energy. Our Palatinose supplier has scientifically demonstrated it's effectiveness and for that reason we reflect that compelling energy curve on our can. Well Beyond takes pride in choosing quality ingredients and has focused on delivering high-antioxidant content, sparing no expense when it comes to nutritionals. In fact, manufacturers seldom use fruit juices such as Açaí, Acerola, Camu Camu, Elderberry, and Cupuacu because they are cost-prohibitive. Most importantly, Xe Lite is natural and does not contain - artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors.

Is there any ORAC value in the Salted Caramel Meal Replacement?

Salted Caramel Meal Replacement contains the same high-quality, high-antioxidant açaí and blueberry blend used in our Dark Chocolate Shake and Healthy Chocolate. We don’t call it out like on the Dark Chocolate, but it’s in there. We invited you to review the "Verified Inside" testing on both our Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Vanilla shakes on the product description pages. We are the first direct selling company in our industry to provide this level of detail and testing on each of our products. We have started with the shakes and will soon roll this testing out across all of our products. Be assured, as testing and innovation in science changes and improves, we will be at the forefront of innovation. Because we want to cater all tastes and sensibilities, this product avoids using animal protein and is good for those that don’t like chocolate (yes, It’s hard to believe, but approximately 10% of the population doesn’t like chocolate).

Is the Salted Caramel Vanilla shake as effective for weight loss as our Dark Chocolate shake that was featured in the Bariatric Journal of Medicine?

A key feature in both Well Beyond Shakes, which aids in weight loss, is the quality and level of protein. The Salted Caramel Vanilla contains 5g more protein per scoop as compared to Dark Chocolate. Use either shake to help attain your weight-management goals. Now you have choices!

Why do my Xe and Xe Lite cans have a sleeve on it rather than the graphics being directly printed on the can like it used to be?

The change on the Xe and Xe Lite is a temporary shrink sleeve label. In order to meet our official January 2018 Launch date with new Beyond-branded packaging, we opted to run one production of each Xe and Xe Lite in a blank can with a shrink sleeve. There is a long lead time for Ball (our can supplier) to make direct-printed cans but the great news is that our next production run will have these printed cans instead of the shrink sleeves!

Why has the shipping carrier changed from UPS to the United States Postal Service in the USA?

UPS delivers 5 days per week and USPS now offers delivery 6-7 days per week on Saturdays, and in some cases Sundays, in many parts of the United States.

Maltodextrin is no longer listed on the shake, has it been removed?

No, it has been rename to “Inulin.” It isn’t a change to the formula, it is just a more accurate and correct way to list what the ingredient really is. Not sure why the previous ingredient listed it this way because that isn’t a very consumer friendly way to say “Inulin” a prebiotic. We have cleaned this up on the Beyond label and it will be much more appealing to the consumer.

Is the Xe Lite Gluten free?

The formula/ingredients we use in the Xe Lite do not contain gluten; however, the product is produced on machinery that products other products that may contain gluten.


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