Xe Energy is the world’s first lightly-carbonated cacao-based antioxidant and energy drink. Featuring a perfect combination of whole food nutrients, the proprietary blend of Xe delivers the antioxidant protection of cacao, açaí, and 12 other exotic super fruits, as well as the natural energy of theobromine, maca, ginseng, yerba mate, quercetin, and guarana. Each case includes 24 8.3 oz cans.
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Mental Clarity
Superior Antioxidant Source
All-natural Xe Energy eliminates the crash and allows you to recharge for a new level of vitality and performance throughout your day.

The Premier Superfruit blend

Xe Energy delivers all-natural energy by way of some of the world’s top antioxidant superfoods. These unique ingredients help kick-start energy metabolism, boost mental function, and provide superior antioxidant protection.

Xe Energy Delivers

ict-logo382 mg of flavonoids per serving.
81,668 ORAC 6 per serving.

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Ethically Sourced