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Get your favorite product(s) delivered to your door at wholesale price each month. Congrats, you just became a preferred customer (PC)!

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They try it, they love it, they subscribe! When 3 or more of your contacts subscribe, you get your subscription FREE. Its that easy!

How does the Me+Three program work?

To track your Preferred Customer (PC) Points, Elite Members simply login to your Back Office and view the information on the top left of the dashboard. For Preferred Customers and Customers, you will need to contact Customer Care at 775-971-9903. All you need is a minimum of three PC's that have an order placed in between your subscription cycles to qualify. The value of each PC order will be converted to PC points that will automatically apply to your following subscription order. The total value of your three or more referral PC orders must triple your subscription to receive your subscription order for free. PC Points are based on the value of each product(s) excluding shipping, handling, and/or any applicable taxes. To maximize the total available PC points, you may adjust your subscribed products accordingly through the subscription options located in your Back Office prior to your scheduled ship date.

What is the Preferred Customer Program?

The Preferred Customer Program allows customers the ability to have exclusive access to our Healthy Chocolate® products without the commitment of enrolling as a Distributor. By joining as a Preferred Customer, they receive Wholesale Pricing by enrolling in the Subscribe & Save Program (an order shipped every four weeks). This program qualifies them to receive FREE product(s) with every third subscription order for an entire year under our Loyalty Program!

How do I enroll a Preferred Customer?

Your new customer may browse our current products, company information, and create their Preferred Customer account by visiting During activation, they may enter your ID # or your name as a referral, so you will automatically be linked to their account as their sponsor to enjoy PC points with every purchase. They may also enroll as a PC by visiting your replicating website.

How are commissions calculated?
  • 50% of the PC bonus volume is credited to the sponsor and upline organization as binary volume.
  • The other 50% of the PC bonus volume is credited to additional bonuses such as Executive Generation and Pool Bonuses.
  • PC's do not receive a binary placement. They are placed inline with your Business Center 1 located in your graphic tree.
  • PC's are connected to the sponsor through the enrollment tree.
  • PC orders are applied to the sponsor's Business Center 1 through plus volume.

Me+Three is available to Elite Members and Preferred Customers (PCs). You must have a minimum of three personally sponsored PCs who place an order in between your Subscription to qualify. PC Points do not flow to the upline and are only available to the direct sponsor. Points are accumulated per PC order and must triple your Subscription to receive your Subscription order for free. No partial credits or rollover points apply. Backdating points is prohibited. Maximum of two free products are permitted per Subscription order. No exceptions. It is the distributors responsibility to manage their auto ship in order to take advantage of their eligible PC points. If the Sponsor has the Healthy Chocolate Value Pack on their auto ship, PC Points will not apply unless all three PCs have the Healthy Chocolate Value Pack. Packs with promotional discounts may affect PC points, as promotional offers may not be combined. Shipping, handling, and any applicable taxes are not included on free product(s).

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